My Testimony

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My Testimony

Postby Christ-is-the-light » Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:38 am

I’ve always believed in a god of some sort and was brought up Catholic. But as I got older, though I would still say I was Catholic (and therefore Christian), I had some, interesting, ideas about just who and what God was.

When I was 14 my mum got these creation magazines, which had scientifically based articles saying how the earth was created as the Genesis account says and not by the big bang followed by a long series of evolutionary steps to get to life as we now know it. What they said made sense to me and so I came to believe in the Genesis account of creation.

During the Easter holidays when I was 15, I got bored and so was browsing the web for something to do, such as a game. Finding my way on to a game site with a forum, I had a quick look through the forum and found a topic of interest to me, entitled, ”does God exist”. It was about 10 pages long but I just began reading through it, of course, I still believed there was a god but I had a very strange idea of what exactly God was. The conversation turned to creationism and one user had posted link to some YouTube videos about creationism.

I watched a few and then decided to watch the whole series. To get to some of the videos in this series, I had to go through the user’s channel where there were some other videos which caught my attention such as one about what it meant to be saved and how to be saved. I don’t know what made me watch it but I did.

As I watched it was as if everything suddenly clicked into place and so I repented and put my trust in Jesus Christ. Upon going back to the forum where I had found the “does God exist” thread (I was looking for it because I had not finished reading it all and was still interested), I could not find the thread anywhere obvious, as if God had intended for me to find it only the once.
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Re: My Testimony

Postby EnderGate » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:27 pm

Praise God in His perfect timing!
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