My leap of faith

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My leap of faith

Postby Arc » Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:53 pm

Its an odd thought, or observation rather, that people seem to need a strong form of physical evidence in order for them to believe in something that is spiritual. I was no different. When I was growing up my parents took us to church about every 6 months, we would go for 3 weeks, then stop. I left private school for public school in the 5th grade and learned about evolution until I graduated. I had it hard with a few things, and alot of times I didnt see ways out of it. I slowly over the years let go of my belief in a God, until about 17 years old I just denied his very existance.

About this time I was coming out of a high point in my life and entering one of those times where everything seems to be a crisis. Friends were going against each other, my grades were down, my job was unbearable, and I had some pretty tough family matters to face up to. After about 6 months of going insane trying to figure things out, I was able to find solutions to all my problems but 1. I tried everything and I focused for months trying to determine what was the best way to face this situation. Obviously it was few family issues that wore at me, and eventually I gave up trying. A good friend of mine said she would pray for me, and gave me a small reminder that Gods listening.

Looking back I see that the situation I was in was not as bad as I had feared it was, but it was enough to shake my life in a way that some sense of security I had always felt was gone. It was a time though, that I had to step up and do something about it, and it was going to be difficult no matter how I approached it. I also didnt have a very good knowledge of the Bible, or exactly what certain things meant in Christianity.

Now being confused to death about what to do I decided that I was going to give God a chance and call out to him. Laying in my bed that night I said "Lord, I am sorry that I dont believe in you, I am sorry for all the times that i have gone against you and denied you. I cant say that I dont feel the same way right now, but if something happens I am willing to give you a chance." Though this cry for help had a bit more to it, was alot more arrogant, and selfish, but at the same time it was sincere. This next part was specific..."God, I have no friends to talk to, I have no where to escape to, and I have no answer no matter which direction I take. Lord if you are there, please get me to a place where there is only me and you, where you can give me the answer to my problem"

-The next morning a girl i had never met approached me and invited me to go to a Christian Convention in Ocean City, MD. about 4 hours away. It was with her church and we would stay there 2 nights.

I thought it was strange, and later that night I prayed for my cousin who didnt have any money at the time to go with me. I asked for reassurance that God was making this happen.

- Next day my cousin was coming with me, and I found s few bible verses written throughout my books. I forget exactly which ones, but all along the lines of putting dependency on the Lord.

Alright so I'm at this Christian Convention and I have been there 2 days... Before the main service at the end of the night I prayed that God would give me the solution to my situation. I knew he had gotten me there, and I knew he had gotten me there for a purpose. But I just didnt understand up to that point.

So around 730pm on Saturday March 27th, 2005. I went into the main service, and to be honest i forget completely what this woman said. It had something to do with a guy using a bunjee cord, and another man elaborated on it. Whatever story they were explaining made me realize what I had to do. An extremely complicated problem, with an extremely simple answer.

I felt the burden lift off my shoulders, and i was relieved for about 10 whole seconds and then I realized what had really just taken place. The entire time my focus was on myself and my issues. I felt stange trying to trust something I honestly didnt think was there. But I didnt it and got my answer.

After that 10 seconds of joy, I felt the Lord's hand on my heart, and in that moment I was born again. A person who knew a minute amount who Christ is and what Christianity was all about, transformed. I realized I was selfish and though in a moment i realized all the bad I could not comprehend the Love I was being shown life.

I cannot describe it, but it was beautiful. I left after that point, and when to be by myself in a room. David Crowder was having the entire sports complex sing Here I am to Worship Oca-Pela (lol dont know how to spell that one), which only added to already emotional experience.

I went home and dealt with my problems, and since then have maintained a relationship with the Lord, and I have discovered Christ. I am still learning and will continue to learn.
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Re: My leap of faith

Postby Christ-is-the-light » Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:09 am

^^ That's a beautiful and inspiring testimony. Thanks for sharing. Praise God. :D
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Re: My leap of faith

Postby EnderGate » Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:25 am

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Re: My leap of faith

Postby PassionForHisWord » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:26 pm

Awesome testimony dude :)
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