A Further Testimony 1

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A Further Testimony 1

Postby Leon III » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:58 am

In my introductory posting I mentioned that I have been a 32 year follower of The Lord Jesus Christ beginning in my 16th year of this life when The Living Holy God Of The Universe chose me as one of His Children who would HEAR His Word, and eventually come to understand the TRUE MEANING of that Word.

What a Holy, Fair, Loving and Infallible God we worship. He chose a troubled 16 year old kid who did not even KNOW HIm, and who would continue to be a sinner for as long as he was on this earth, and made it IMPOSSIBLE for this kid to EVER DIE IN HELL! He placed His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, The King Of Kings, as a barrier between this kid and the gates of hell. I am so thankful and blessed that I am that kid. Thank you Jesus my Holy Father. Thank You for standing here with me and never leaving my side ever. Please stay with me for my remaining days in this life.


At that point in time (1976) I was not what you would consider a bad or terrible teenager, yet, there were signs that I was walking a path that was very wide and getting wider all the time. My initial years, from I would say kindergarten entry until about the sixth or seventh grade were spent being smaller, weaker, and sicker then the other kids. I was a skinny little thing and had ailments, including asthma and pneumonia along the way. To go along with all the physical problems during this time, I also had to endure being bullied, pushed around, and generally abused by my classmates and peers. I was the smallest one around and everyone for sure never let me forget it. I used to sit and wonder to my young self how people could be so cruel to other people. People who had done nothing to harm or bother anyone. Their only problem with me I imagine was that I was more vulnerable then they were and they knew it.

Then a miracle happened. I didn't attribute miracles with God Almighty though at that time in life because I didn't KNOW Him. I was raised catholic and went through all the nonsense and completed confirmation. I mean to insult no one, but I can honestly say that even after being 'confirmed' the best I may have been able to tell you about God is that Jesus Christ had been crucified on a cross a long, long time ago, and that he did so so i could go to Heaven? Well..ok great. What time is the ballgame on? You know what I mean? The only thing I really got out of the whole thing was that I was not comfortable with it. I didn't understand this God thing and if this is what it was then I figured I may as well just forget it and leave it alone. I forgot it and left it alone.

The miracle began at about age 10 and lasted a year or so. In that time, I stopped getting sick. The asthma was basically gone. In addition and far more interesting is that my body seemed to accelerate its growth and as if it was 'catching up' with my stunted growth of the early years, I began to grow and grow. When the dust settled by age 12 I was about 5"8 or 5"9 weighing in between 150-160. My arms had muscled up and my chest muscles had expanded. The topper of all toppers is that I had a full mustache..yep at age 12! I would crack up when I played in Little League because every team we played the opposing coach demanded to see my birth certificate because "There is no way this kid can be 12". LOL.

So along with this new body I had came all the 'benefits' I felt I had been left out on. The same people who treated me like dirt just a few years earlier were now knocking themselves down to become a 'good friend'. The girls also acted differently now, and I would blush with pride when I would hear rumors that the girls thought I 'was cute'. Man, if you were 'cute' then you were in! In addition, classmates and peers now would listen to what I would say and in fact look to me at times as the 'trend setter' so to speak. I was loving it. I made the decision not to hold grudges over how I had been treated, and to let bygones be bygones, though I swore to myself that no matter what and under no circumstances would I ever treat any person like that. The Good Lord has allowed me to keep that vow.

The next 4 years after this 'miracle' from ages 12-16 were the years that my path widened greatly and had God not chosen me, I very well could have been so far off the path as to never be able to find it again. As I said earlier, I wasn't a horrible teen and I wasn't having cops come to the house to bring me home or anything like that, but I did give my poor Mom (Left To Be With The Lord on 9-18-02) some headaches, and heartaches. I skipped school constantly and had well below average grades. I would go out every night with friends whether she wanted me to or not. I would always con job her into agreeing to let me out for awhile which would then turn into me coming home whenever I felt like it. I think she felt sorry for what I had been through in my early years and she was very 'soft' with me while trying to be 'hard' at the same time. Of course I took advantage of it. She was really worried when I started with the alcohol. She would have fits, and ground me, and all that. Sadly, when grounded I would usually climb out my bedroom window and jump from the roof to get out. :oops: I now can clearly see what I put her through. Having your 16 year old son, who was raised better then that, come home with a buzz/high from heinekens is a lot to bear. So, as all this continued on, i believe I was walking farther, and farther off the path and since I did not know the path was widening I simply did not care and in fact may not have cared if I had actually known. I was also still grieving a close friend killed a year earlier in an electrocution at age 15. Since I did not know God, or what grief was or how to live it, I added that to my bag of woes and carried it around with me.

The the REAL MIRACLE happened.

One Saturday afternoon in 1976, while sitting in my room with a very close friend (Who happens to be a close friend to this day) most likely talking about sports, or girls, or girls and sports. Basically out of nowhere he asked me if I had ever heard of or read the Book Of Revelation? Huh? Who? Ya I think thats in the Bible. He began to tell me about some of the things prophesied in Revelation. It's hard to explain so I won't try other then say that I was instantly 'hooked'. Over the next couple of hours we discussed God, Jesus, and the promise of Eternal Life. Soon after that I bought myself an English version Bible, not sure which one but I believe it was American Standard. Sadly I must say that this English version Bible had no real impact on me. I read it consecutively, I read it random, I read it by choosing passages...nothing worked. It just didn't do it for me. However, and this is a big however, I was saved because I believed Jesus died for my sins. I needed nothing else right? How wrong I was. Little did I know at that time that I was doing it all wrong in God's Eyes. Very, very wrong.

I will continue in my next posting because the testimony there is very strong as to the Loving, Caring, and All Forgiving Nature of The Holy Lord God Almighty. I must run now as I work nights and time is short and I must grab a few hours sleep before rejoining the rest of the waking world!

Thanks for listening.
In Christ
Leon III
Leon III
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Re: A Further Testimony 1

Postby gardner » Mon May 19, 2008 12:39 pm

That's a great testimoney :D Thanks for sharing. I hope you stay on the right path forever. Pray for the strength of Jesus Christ through it all always. Yeah, a couple of the last schools I went to I was picked on pretty hard. I went to about 12 different schools by the time I was 16.
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