people die every second - ACCEPT JESUS NOW!

Talk about Jesus Christ, the unblemished lamb of God, whose blood washes away the sins of the world. Our helmet of salvation.

people die every second - ACCEPT JESUS NOW!

Postby DevonR » Sun Dec 02, 2007 2:59 am

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David J Stewart has an interesting article about how many people die, and how many could possibly go to hell.

PLEASE PLEASE Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, admit you are a sinner needing cleansing, and ASK to be forgiven, pray to Jesus! It couldn't be simpler, Jesus WANTS you to go into heaven, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. He came down to die for your sins, don't miss his gift, you only have one chance.

I don't want a soul to go to hell, not ONE, but there will be many, for the gates to heaven are slim, and the gates to hell are wide.

God Bless, please accept Jesus as your savior if you haven't done so, and PRAY to JESUS, ask for your sins to be forgiven, and ADMIT your are a sinner!!!
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