How do you serve in your community?

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How do you serve in your community?

Postby Arc » Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:10 am

Sitting in church the other day I felt the spirit move on me to serve.....So during the service i signed up as being interested in going into the community or wherever im needed. Immediately after they asked for anyone to stay and set up chairs. (My church is in a gymnasium which is seats around my guess is 1000.) So we put away all those chairs, roll the mats, carpets, and gym lining. It took about 20 of us 2 hours and I had more of a workout then I do when i hit the and i was the only younger guy there. Ill be doing that as much as I can, but it struck me I hadnt served in a long time. It felt good!

So im waiting to hear what opportunities my church needs help with.....2nd saturday serve is also coming up which i wanna help with. We just go help the community and help with angelfood ministries. ( last time i went though I got poison sumac for 3 months lol)

In what ways do you all serve on a regular basis? Out of curiosity? I think its good to share these ideas
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Re: How do you serve in your community?

Postby PassionForHisWord » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:56 pm

That's good dude :). God truly blesses service.

I serve by helping blow leaves in the morning on Sundays
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