Where do we draw the line...

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Where do we draw the line...

Postby EnderGate » Tue Dec 11, 2007 9:38 pm

We have entertained the atheist views and questions here. But this site was NOT created as a venue for atheists to debate their views against Christianity. To a certain point we wanted to be able to help some with questions and clear up misunderstanding. But this has obviously not been the case for the Religious Atheists here. Our intention for this site is as a tool for us to witness for Christ. Not against Him.

A waste of time?

Due to increased attempts to deface and discredit the site, from hateful and lost individuals (not likely any of our current users.) we have had to disable new sign-ups. This is not what we intended. We are reviewing our current format on how it can best serve Christ. This might leave a few users who pose opposite and anti-Christian views to do so in another venue elsewhere. The video above details some of our reasoning regarding this. We'll keep you posted.
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