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Postby DevonR » Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:39 pm

Okay a very interesting story, someone was talking about the "unforgiveable sin", well my mind starting cursing by itself at the holy spirit, and I went DEAD COLD, I was just in shock! It is quite difficult to control demons, but I rebuke them with Jesus Christ :lol: I thought God forsake me and I was going straight to hell...

Well I asked God to show me a sign or anything if he still loves me, and guess what!!! My cat that was lost for over 5 months was found, and my nintendo DS games which I thought my step brother stole I found!!!


So Jesus shall reign in all if they let him, the unforgiveable sin is not really what you think , my demons and mind have cursed god and the holy spirit and he still lives in me and answers my prayers... I REBUKE YOU DEMONS!!! :D

anyways I am stunned today, I was about to go to sleep when I was praying to God, and that is when those 2 things happened.

Nothing like peter hajba's music to make me feel even better. Jesus is GREAT oh yes! I LOVE Jesus he is AWESOME it is just unbelieveable... But I still hope David J Stewart will get healed... please pray for him - I shall since well now that I have my cat and DS games (which are worth over 200$) I don't have much to pray for!

If anyone has prayers I shall pray for them too.


I bet God's throne would be the definition of "awe". I still cannot believe how kind Jesus is to me, even after I have been so evil! You know, I should be dead by now too... little events would could have killed me, but Jesus has protected me time and time again... and now this! Honestly guys if you doubt Jesus, you are insane, he is VERY kind, and infinitely loving, PLEASE flock to the Lord Jesus.

AMEN AND GOD BLESS, I HOPE ALL OF YOU GROW STRONG WITH JESUS, I shall sit here in awe. I think I should try getting rid of a few demons too... they like to creep up at you at the most unexpecting moments like when you are weak and angry. Keep that in mind!

(this is a somewhat long message but I am in shock and awe!)

EDIT: Oh yes, I had my cat since grade 1, he is 10 years old, I am VERY happy to get him back... I miss my little kitty a lot! Poor thing... I hope he's alright.
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Postby EnderGate » Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:12 am

I was riding my bike in the rain this summer (1100 Virago) and slowed to cross some very uneven railroad tracks. Well the tracks were slippery, and I wasn't going fast enough to keep the wheel rolling when the front tire came into contact of the 2nd track. The front wheel went sideways and the bike dropped between the tracks (about 500 lbs.)

I was about to curse, (you know soaking wet, now this?) Instead, in faith, I just looked up and asked, ok, what are you trying to teach me Lord. I got the bike upright, but it would not start, flooded from being horizontal. I tried to push, roll it off the tracks. As soon as the front tire met the track, the wheel went sideways again, almost dropped it again, had to strain not to. I realized, this is not a good place to stay, right between the tracks of a rail line crossing. I gave a good push, and passed over the tracks, about 5' away.

It then tried to start it again, nope still flooded. Right then the crossing lights and bells sounded. No sooner had I got off the track, a train was coming. I wasn't even sure if I left parts on the track, so I just started pushing the bike away from the tracks more. That train whipped by at more than 100 km/h.

I was in awe, if I did panic or get distracted with rage or angry of my situation, I may have been dead. I might of had to abandoned the bike on the tracks, only to have it dis-rail a passenger train, killing several.

The only harm from this wet ride was my pride.

Thank be to God.
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